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Mike Phillips 06-06-2013 01:32 PM

1967 Starline Devile - My second boat
1967 Starline Deville - My second boat

This is the second boat I've owned. I purchased it from the original owner in Southern California and then refreshed the engine and fuel system, added a Bimini Top and then removed decades of oxidation and scum stains to reveal a deep, dark orange gel-coat finish.

Here's some pictures showing the transformation as I buffed it out, I actually machine sanded the sides.

In some places the orange gel-coat had oxidized to the point it was turning white...

Here's what she looked like after I completely buffed out the entire hull, look at the gloss coming off the sides of the hull and look how clear the all original plexi-glas wrap-around windshield is... not bad for a windshield that's over 46 years old...

I buffed and waxed the outdrive too...

On the water in Stuart, Florida...

The old Iron Duke 4-Cylinder ran strong!

Here's my son...

Camping at Big Bear Lake in Southern California...

She was a real cream puff that should have been placed into a museum. I sold her to a guy that had a couple other classic boats.

Hoping to buy my third boat this time next year. I want to go out in a variety of boats to get an idea of what I want before I make a purchase.


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