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Default Re: A couple of end results

Originally Posted by CORIAN35 View Post
Can you tell us what products you are using?

Hi Joe,

My current 'go to' products are Flex 3401, white or orange Lake County CSS pads and Farecla G10. If the surface is really bad then I would initially hit it with G3 on a rotary with a farecla wool pad followed by the Flex and G10

I have a trade deal with 3M and will be moving to Finesse II when my stock of G10 has gone and High Gloss when my G3 stock has gone.

Without wanting to be smart, any good quality product will work, I find it is more about having patience when doing the polishing. It is all about moving the pad at a slow speed, crossing from up/down to left/right and passing over each patch at least six times. The take a good look and if not happy, hit it again.

I always try to work wearing polaroid sunglasses, the polaroid lenses makes the job look worse so it forces me to be really critical of my own work and push for the best finish I can deliver. Just as important, I see through my sunglasses exactly what my customers will see when they arrive on a sunny day to use their pride and joy - its one of my ways of managing customer expectation!

I could earn more money by just taking a wool pad, a rotary and a one pass product to the gelcoat and giving it a quick blast over but I couldn't look the customer in the eye after and I wouldn't get any enjoyment out of doing a second rate job all day every day. I stand back and take a huge amount of pride when watching my customers reaction when they first see their finished boat.

As an example,

I was asked to price up polishing the blue hull of a 47 foot sailboat, I gave my price and explained that it would take at least two days to do a good job without leaving it covered in swirls/holograms. He had cheaper price from a guy who said he could do it in less than a day.

I tried to talk sense but the customer wanted a cheap price!

this is the end result: (NOT MY WORK!)


The customer rang me nearly in tears asking if I can help put it right; I will help but can't get there for nearly a month.

It does go to prove that the only way to do cheap or quick is to cut corners and hope your customer doesn't notice!

Sorry if this sounded like a lecture, I am passionate about doing the best job possible and not accepting second best!

Take care,

Paul Gardiner
Simplicity Marine
South Coast - United Kingdom
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