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Default Captain coating with uv 50


I've been compounding/polishing and applying waxes/polymers for many years but I'm struggling with the uv50 coating.

I polished the surface to a high level of reflection and wiped it several times with a 50/50 denatured alcohol/water solution.

When applying the coating even in a 2 X 2 area it dries very quickly and I have to rub very hard with a microfiber to remove the excess.

Is this the nature of this type of coating? I used about three drops on the lake country applicator for a small area.

What about letting it dry on and going over it with a polishing pad on an orbital buffer? I realize that will remove some of the coating...

Another problem is I have a large boat to do and with the small lake country square pad it's going to be many days.

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