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Default Re: Captain coating with uv 50

Originally Posted by ksbguy View Post
I'm in the NE, it was about 80 degrees outside and the areas I was working on were in the shade and cool to the touch. I've tried this several times now and I get the same results applying it first thing in the morning when it's 70 degrees so it's not temperature related.

Are you guys applying this indoors in temperature controlled environments? I can't do that, the boat is too large...

I've tried it on gelcoat and on paint and the results are the same. If I don't wipe it off almost immediately it's very difficult to remove the excess/level out the coating.

I'm putting 3 - 4 drops and applying on a 1 square foot area and wiping off almost immediately. This is the only way I'm able to use it without a lot of work to remove the excess.

Can you make a quick video of you applying it?

I'll meet with Nick about this today and one of us will back to you.

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