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Default Re: Best way to clean instrument panel

Originally Posted by glc203 View Post
What's the best way to clean my instrument panel (MFDs, Auto Pilot, Vessel Views, etc)? Any cleaners or protectants you recommend?
Yes, something ultra safe.

We just showcased a product from the McKee's 37 line on the interior of a Newmar Londeon Aire Motorcoach and while not a boat we also didn't want to screw up anyting expenseive in this really expensive RV on the dash.

Here's a link to the store page about this episode,

Here's the product we used, it's very safe for the surfaces you listed and that's what you want.

Here's my review and how-to for this product, some good info

Review and How-to: McKee's 37 Fast Interior Detailer

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