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Default Re: Pad Recommendation for Flex XC 3401

Originally Posted by Searay33 View Post

Hi Mike,

I'm going to be placing an order for a Flex XC 3401 per your recommendation in another post.

The Mercedes-Benz of polishers. I use mine all the time, especially when time is short.

Originally Posted by Searay33 View Post

I plan do do a one step process on my boat using the Marine 31 gel coat heavy cut cleaner wax.

I have light to medium oxidation and swirl marks that were left from previous compounding with a rotary polisher.

I was wondering what pad you would recommend for this.



Removing the medium oxidation and the swirls left from compounding with a rotary buffer is a lot to ask from a one-step cleaner/wax.

You can try but if it's not working then you might have to do two steps.

This would be starting with the Captains One Step Compound & Polish and then follow with the cleaner/wax.

It's just that gel-coats tend to be pretty hard and wool pads on rotary buffers with compounds tend to put in fairly deep swirls or holograms.

It depends a LOT on the abrasives in the compound and how hard the person was "pushing" against the buffer.

You can try just the cleaner/wax first and if you do, then for a pad I would go with 6.5" Lake Country Hybrid Blue Foam Cutting Pad.

I'd suggest getting just one and testing and let me know if this is working. If yes then you'll want more pads.

If "no" then you'll need to do step to undo the damage and get the finish flat and then glossy.

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