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Default Re: Equipment recommendation for removing oxidation and polishing

Originally Posted by jmb18 View Post


I don't have the Flex 3401, I only have a rotary polisher and a GG 6 orbital.

So I have a few questions:

1. Do I have the above steps basically correct?
See comments in my first reply. The Captain's Boat Coating states to use the Marine 31 all purpose cleaner to wipe the gel-coat hull down after the last polishing step to remove any polishing oils.

While this will work I prefer to use a product in the BLACKFIRE line called,

BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat Paint Prep

It simply wipes easier and leaves a streak-free finish while an APC or All Purpose Cleaner doesn't wipe as easily or leave as nice a looking surface.

Originally Posted by jmb18 View Post

2. I understand the benefit of the forced rotation of the 3401, but without out that would you recommend the polishing step using the Captain's One step with the rotary and a foam pad or the GG6 with a foam pad?
I'd go with the Griot's Garage 6" Dual Action Polisher after using the rotary buffer.

In my how-to book I recommend firmer, sharper cutting pads for polishing versus polishing pads as gel-coats don't seem to like soft foam pads? Never figured out why I just know what I see.

For your Griot's Garage polisher, what size backing plate do you have?

5" or 6"

Originally Posted by jmb18 View Post

3. Finally, I am considering getting a GG Boss 15. How would the Boss compare to the 3401 for the polishing step?
The Griot's Garage BOSS G15 works GREAT for the polishing step on gel-coat boats.

Same tip as I mentioned above, that is use a foam cutting pad for the polishing step instead of a soft foam polishing pad and my experience is you create a nicer looking finish.

Let me know which tool your going to end up using and if it's the 6" DA polisher then what size backing plate and I'll recommend a foam pad.

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