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Default Re: Crownline Express Cruiser Job

Originally Posted by RG1 View Post
Thanks Mike for the additional info. I had not read that section of the book yet but now will go back and review. I am very happy with the guidance in the book to get this point. It made a huge difference in the appearance of the vessel.


Thanks Rob...

I found it a real challenge to write this book.

One thing about writing any "how-to" book is when you publish it you also are putting it out on the world market for peer review.

I'm happy to say that out of the 5 how-to books I've written I've never had anyone come to me and point to any page in any of the books and then say,

"Here! Right here.

You're wrong Mike"

It could happen, I'm only human but I take great care to make sure everything I write is accurate and works in the real world.

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