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Default Re: Help selecting a buffer

Here's your boat...

The sides and larger flat areas will be easy to buff but getting into corners and tight areas will require more patience or knock them out by hand.

If the oxidation isn't bad like you say then you could use a one-step cleaner/wax and do the job in one step. Cleaner/waxes come in,

Light cleaning
Medium cleaning
Heavy cleaning

Then after you get the boat where you like it simply hit it once in a while with the same product to keep it up.

With a one step you go around the boat once.

With a two or three step product you go around the boat 2 to 3 times.

Generally speaking, doing more steps gets you better results but I'm a fan of one-step cleaner/waxes for their simplicity and time and energy savings and also for white boats since white is a lot more forgiving than dark colors.

Also, Gel-coats from my experience don't react well to soft foam pads. I've even seen hard, shiny gel-coats become duller when buffed with soft foam pads.

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