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Default Re: How to wetsand, cut and buff a gel-coat boat


As some of our team moved around the hull wet sanding some of the rest of followed by removing the sanding marks by using a wool pad on Flex PE14 rotary buffers with Marine 31 products.

Craig has been coming to AG for over a year now and I don't think he's missed a single boat project.

Spurring a pad
Anytime you're buffing gel-coat it's important to clean your wool pad OFTEN using a steel pad cleaning spur like you see here....

Here's my buddy Jay, you'll be seeing his 1971 Chevelle coming up soon for another wet sanding project.

Jay brought his buddy Gerald to help out, this is Gerald's first time buffing out a boat.

John was sanding but after the sanding he dove right back in helping to remove the sanding marks.

Here's Frank adding fresh product to the face of his pad...

Frank brought Ozzy with him to learn the some of the tools and techniques for restoring oxidized boat as Ozzy has an oxidized boat too.

Robert is no stranger to the rotary buffer or hard work....

I believe when it comes to doing the grunt work you have to lead by exmaple....

Up next.... polishing....

Made by boat people for boat people...
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