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Default Re: Crownline Express Cruiser Job

Originally Posted by RG1 View Post

I finished the job and was able to get to a consistent finish new pictures are attached although it is cloudy. I hand waxed with Marine 31 Gel Coat Carnauba Wax + Sealant.

Looks great in the pictures. Nice work.

Originally Posted by RG1 View Post

What is recommendation for the next wax job to prevent having to go through all of this again?

Reading about the Marine 31 Captain’s Boat Coating with UV50, it appears it would be the best choice.

The Captains Boat Coating will defiantly outlast a wax or sealant but in order to apply it you have to remove any previously applied wax, sealant or polishing oils from the compounds and polishes.

For this reason, the best way to go is to apply the coating after compounding and polishing. You can strip the polishing oils off using an APC or a dedicated surface prep product as there are now a few on the market.

Also you can use Mineral Spirits, a diluted version of IPA or Prep-Sol.

You could even wash the boat with a detergent wash like Dawn dishwashing soap.

The big picture is to remove any polishing oils left behind from the compounding and polishing steps so they don't interfere with the bonding of the coating to the gel-coat.

Now that you've waxed it, if you want to switch over to a coating you'll have to remove the wax and the way to do this best to ensure it's 100% removed is to re-polish the boat and then chemically strip the gel-coat.

You probably don't want to hear this but I cover all of this in my how-to book.

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