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Default Re: Hello from Michigan and Which Wool Pads

Originally Posted by Donald J View Post

On polishing pontoons ( new ) to a mirror finish which wool pads are recommended? I have an old 3M Buffer and their selection is pretty vast.
Most any wool pad will work the aluminum up to a mirror shine.

The problem is if you try to finish with only a rotary buffer and a wool pad you're going to have holograms in the aluminum.

These wool pads are smaller in diameter and that makes it easier on you to control them.

6.5 inch 50/50 Wool Acrylic Polishing Pad

Be sure to have a steel spur and clean your pads OFTEN.

Everything about buffing with a rotary buffer is easier when you clean your pads often.

Lake Country Wool Pad Spur

Originally Posted by Donald J View Post

Next question on sanding, after finishing the last damp sanding 4000 grit disc do is it better to wash immediately ( after sanding the smaller area 2 x 2 as an example ) or wait until the entire log is sanded.?
Wait and wash the entire pontoon at one time. The sanding slurry may dry but it will liquefy and wash off with any soap and water mixture.

Saves you time to wash all at once.

Originally Posted by Donald J View Post

And I see that in Mikes Book on page 101 I have an option of cleaning or discarding.

I don't have any money trees so I would rather have these wool pads dedicated to just pontoon polishing after a thorough cleaning.

What are your thoughts ?
Keep it and dedicated it for aluminum polishing.

The pad is going to become gross with aluminum and polish residue.

You could get a pad cleaner and clean it by working in the pad cleaner and then rinsing under running water in a utility sink but it's going to be messy.

The pad I shared above is $10.00 and I could easily invest $10.00 of my time to try to get it clean and never get it as clean as I would want or I could replace for another $10.00 bill.

Your call.

Originally Posted by Donald J View Post

Anyone have a used Flex 3401 for sale let me know.

Just to comment on this....

I RARELY see a FLEX 3401 for sale used. Rarely.

When I do see one go up for sale - down the road I see the same guy that sold it regret it and then buy another one.

That's a testimony to the quality and functionality of the tool.

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