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Default Re: Pontoons to a Mirror Finish

Originally Posted by Donald J View Post

More Marine 31 due to arrive tomorrow.

Question: As I sand up through 4000 or 5000 as noted in "The Book" do I power wash between each step ?
You can, but you'll need some type of cleaner/soap to help cut through the oily film on the surface as water pressure alone may not cut it.

I don't - I just use a lot of low-end utility microfiber towels and wipe the residue off as I move around the boat.

Originally Posted by Donald J View Post

Same question for buffing.

The filthy aluminum just clings to the 50/50 buffing pads and suspect it will do the same with my new Cyclo and pads.

The beast of polishing aluminum is more than challenging.

Possibly no way to polish without the pads being destroyed.

So my question remains do I need to power wash in between each step. ?
I don't use power washers much for a number of reasons but if I had a good one and it was easy to get it out, hook it up and use it I would.

Do you have one?

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