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Default Re: Couple questions on stages

Originally Posted by Capt Odyssea View Post

Hi all, using 31 heavy cut Compound on my flag blue, followed by Capt Compound/polish, then using up some 3M / Scotchguard liquid wax.

Question: will the MArine 31 carn/sealant last longer than the above wax?
To be honhest it's been years since I used a 3M Marine product. 3M makes great products though...

The Marine 31 Carnauba Wax + Sealant is a great wax and because it's a liquid it's easy to apply by machine which is how I do it. Wipe off is easy too and it leaves a slick finish.

Originally Posted by Capt Odyssea View Post

Questions: between each product, is hull washing required?
No. Just wipe off any excess residue and move on to the next step.

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