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Default Re: Holograms in gel-coat boats by Mike Phillips

I have several customers that are more than willing to pay the extra money for me to make a 2nd or even 3rd pass on there boat to help reduce swirl marks. There are a lot of people especially with the bigger boats that maintain them with a open checkbook, plus if you have a 100k+ boat spending $600-800 to have it looking really good isn't that big of a deal.

But I also have some customers that don't want to spend any more than they have to, like you said on white boats it's hard to see the swirl marks anyways.

To a majority of people and there friends that they are showing the boat off to they just look at it and see that's it's really shiny compared to being dull and oxidized before the detail.

Like you said it's a matter of time and money, but as long as the customer is happy I'm happy

Figured it was about time someone replied to your thread lol

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