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Default Re: Help selecting a buffer

Here's my recommendation...

Porter Cable DA Polisher


Griot's Garage DA Polisher

5" Backing plate

Lake Country ThinPro 5.5" pads (these fit the 5" backing plate

This shows you exactly how to use the PC but everything applies to the Griot's too.... right now it comes free with the PC but not the Griot's.

How to Properly Use the Porter Cable 7424XP Dual Action Polisher

This one-step cleaner/wax works really well. Cuts oxidation, polishes and leaves the surface shiny and protected.

Marine 31 Gel Coat Heavy-Cut Cleaner Wax 32 oz

If the above ends up not being aggressive enough, (but I think it will), this just means you need to get more aggressive so use the same product with the Lake Country ThinPro GREY pads which are very sharp and aggressive.

Also you can get the ThinPro pads in 3.5" diameter size and you can get a 3" backing plate to use with either the PC or the Griot's for buffing tight areas.

Here's the Porter Cable 7424XP, 5" backing plate, 3" backing plate, PC wrench and 3.5" ThinPro foam cutting pad. Same backing plates will fit on the Griot's Garage 6" Dual Action Polisher

Don't ever lose the compression washer. Running buffer with out it will make a horrible sound and create so much more heat at the center of the backing plate it will destroy both the backing plate and the pads.

To swap backing plates, you slide the wrench between the backing plate (when it's on the tool), and the housing.

IMPORTANT - Insert the tool from the opposite side of the counterweight. Again, same idea applies to the Griot's version of the PC.

Here's the PC set up with 3.5" pads and 5.5" pads - You can do the same thing with the Griot's DA

Place a black mark on the back of both backing plates to make it easy for your eyes to monitor pad rotation. Because these are free spinning polishers, that is they are NOT gear-driven like the FLEX 3401 Orbital Polishers it's possible for the pad to stop rotating if you hold the tool so the pad is not flat to the surface. The black mark makes it easy for the human eye to monitor pad rotation or lack of rotation.

If your backing plate comes with a rubber nut to hold the compression washer in place, don't lose it and use it when swapping out backing plates to keep the washer from getting lost.

And we sell 5-packs of compression washers in case you do lose them...

Hope that helps... if you need help getting any of this stuff call customer care and share this thread with them...


Thank you for your patience while I was experiencing some connectivity issues....

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