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Default Re: How to wetsand, cut and buff a gel-coat boat

But there's more!

While some of us were sanding, compounding, polishing and waxing the hull the rest of were working top side.

For the top side or cap of the boat we used the Marine 31 All-In-One Gel Coat Polish & Wax with Thick Purple Foamed Wool Pads on the powerful Flex 3401 Forced Rotation, Forced Oscillation dual action polishers.

Note: The THIN PFW's are for the Porter Cable style polishers.

Here's Ozzy removing oxidation, polishing and waxing in one step.

This was Serge's first time to one of our Thursday night projects and his first time using a Flex 3401. Serge is restoring a 1970's Glastron ski boat.

Here's Chris helping out with the cap...

Here's Den working on the inside of the cap. Notice how we taped-off all the NON-SKID surfaces with 3M Painter's Tape? Thats so we would not creme over this textured surface with compounds, polishes and waxes as it could embedded or impact into the non-skid surface and then we'd have to clean it out.

Den by the way is not only a regular with us for our Thursday night projects but built and polished this old 2-door Pontiac.

Chris is like a "floater" that is he has both the skill and experience to tackle any part of any project we're working on so he tends to float around and tackle anything that might be un-noticed. Thanks Chris!

In the background John contemplates his life and thinks about buying and restoring his dream car a 1987 Yugo.

Here's Den applying a second coat of wax for extra protection and gloss using a Griot's Garage 3" Mini Polisher with Marine 31 Gel-Coat Carnauba Wax + Sealant. Den shows his professionalism by removing his shoes so as not to leave any shoe marks on the non-skid from his street shoes. :xyxthumbs:

Eric & Gary
The Eisenglass, (flexible plastic windows), was very cloudy and scuffed when this boat arrived so I put the owner Eric and his buddy to work machine polishing the plastic to restore clarity.

You talking to me pal?

Metal Polishing the EASY WAY!
The stainless steel prop has the beginning signs of rust, these props are very expensive so my advice to boat owners is anytime you have your boat out of the water, take a few minutes to quickly polish the prop to clean it and protect it.

Eric is using Marine 31 Stainless Steel and Aluminum Brightening Soap which is probably the easiest metal polish and metal polishing method to clean, polish and protect all metal surfaces.

Here's how easy it is...

1. Start by getting the included sponge wet with water and then wring it out.

2. Then swipe the sponge across the soap in the jar.

3. Rub the sponge and the metal polishing soap over the surface.

4. Wipe or rinse the surface clean.

Check it out....

Clean, shiny AND protected!

Made by boat people for boat people...
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