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Default Re: Captains boat coating question

Originally Posted by Mike.Phillips@Marine31 View Post
Our coating is NOTHING like Poly Coat.

The key to using a "real" coating is in the prep work. After any buffing work is done you have to strip off any leftover polishing oils and other substances used in compounds and polishes so the surface is completely clean so the coating can form a proper bond.

My preference and what I show in my boat detailing classes is a product in the BLACKFIRE line called BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat Paint Prep. It works great and smells good to. (most product smell horrible and not all product work great)

Then after you prep the surface you apply the coating to small sections at a time and within a minute give the section a wipe so you don't leave any high spots. (think streaks).

Once it dries it lasts up to 2 years.

Check out this thread from my buddy Andy....

Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating

When applied is the product supposed to be about the thickness of nail polish on the surface or maybe a little thinner? or is it applied and excess wiped off? I tried a small sport and after it dried I scratched some of the coating off with my fingernail. Should I be able to do that or was it on too thick or I didn't apply correctly?
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