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Default Equipment recommendation for removing oxidation and polishing


I would like to remove the oxidation from my gel coated boat (mostly white, with a small blue strip), polish, and apply the Captain's boat coating. I would describe the oxidation as moderate. From reading your posts from previous projects I gather your recommended process would be the following:

1. Wet sand (If necessary)
2. Compound with Captain's One Step using a rotary buffer and wool pad
3. Polish with Captain's One Step using Flex 3401 and foam pad
4. Apply LSP

I don't have the Flex 3401, I only have a rotary polisher and a GG 6 orbital. So I have a few questions:

1. Do I have the above steps basically correct?

2. I understand the benefit of the forced rotation of the 3401, but without out that would you recommend the polishing step using the Captain's One step with the rotary and a foam pad or the GG6 with a foam pad?

3. Finally, I am considering getting a GG Boss 15. How would the Boss compare to the 3401 for the polishing step?

Thank you for all of your help.
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