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Default Re: Best way to clean instrument panel

Originally Posted by glc203 View Post
Many thanks

No problemo...

I would also be sure to inspect your microfiber towels or ANY cloth you use to wipe plastic.

Plastic scratches easy and it's often times very time consuming and difficult to remove scratches out of plastic. Especially if you don't have tons of equipment, pads and products on hand already.

I cover this topic in my how-to book

Paperback book - How To Detail Boats With Marine 31 by Mike Phillips

See the section on page 92 listed in the index

And way before you get to page 92 see the section I included on microfiber towels on pages 18, 19 and 20

I wrote the sections on microfiber towels because I meet a lot of guys with scratched up plastic gauges and windows and it all comes down to

What you TOUCH the plastic with

And most guys don't pay attention or care until the damage is done.

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