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Product suggestions and coverage
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Default Product suggestions and coverage

So many good products....sort of confused! I used Marine 31 on my previously owned Pursuit 24' center console with amazing results so getting ready to use them on my new boat, a 42' trawler, see pics. The gelcoat is in very good shape as the previous owner took good care of everything in general. No oxidation that I can see and good shine. I am trying to determine the best system to clean/polish/wax. I have some product left from my previous boat. However, not sure of the shelf life as they are 3-4 years old although unopened. I am pulling the boat in a couple of weeks for a bottom job and will take the opportunity to do the hull. will worry about the cabin/superstructure later this fall. I want to do as thorough a job as possible as it won't get pulled out of the water very often and want to minimize having to wax while it is in the water although that has to be done at some point. I have a Flex PE14 rotary which I am comfortable using and am going to pick up a Flex 3401XC3041 DA as well.

1. Which products/system would you suggest? Like a normal human being I would prefer not having to take multiple tours of the hull to apply numerous products but will if the results are worth it. The effort WAS worth it on my last boat with medium oxidation. I used a combo of heavy cut compound, color and gel coat restorer, final step, and then the carnauba wax. Tried different things on different parts of the boat but the results were fantastic no matter what I did!

2. How much product will I need of each? It is a bigger boat and I have no experience with estimating coverage. I know that it is somewhat dependent on condition but just get me reasonably close. Fortunately I live close to Marine 31 and can pickup more product quickly if needed. Again, I will be doing the topsides/flybridge later on so it won't go to waste. But an estimate on how much for the hull would be appreciated.

3. Pads. Suggestions? I have a small selection of a variety of foam and wool but will look at new for this if I don't have what is suggested.

4. The 4 year old products I have, are they still good? Have unopened 32 and 16 oz carnauba wax and a couple of 16 oz bottles of Final Step Polish.

5. Last, I have teak trim that has been awlgripped. Any reason I cannot use a particular product on them?

Sorry for all the questions all at once! Any comments appreciated. Here are the pics to show the size as well as one that gives at least a hint of the shape the gelcoat/shine is in.


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Default Re: Product suggestions and coverage log in and account issues 1/2 the time, poor website management, no one answers phone or returns calls, no responses to questions online. Sure has changed over the last couple of years. Guess boats don't matter any more?
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