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Cordless orbital buffer for polishing/waxing when boat is in lift
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Default Cordless orbital buffer for polishing/waxing when boat is in lift

I got nervous enough using my PC7424 while the boat is in the sling that I rigged a Ryobi cordless orbital buffer with a Klingspoor VC60000 6" adhesive backed circular velcro disc. I attach the LCS 6.5" of my choice and get to work. I use a scaffolding to help me get under the boat if I want to work under the boat.

It's more convenient than loading the boat onto the trailer and I can work standing up rather than lying or kneeling on gravel and I don't worry about getting shocked.

The Ryobi isn't as good as the PC7424, but does the job and I'm very happy with the results, especially since the boat doesn't have to leave the lift. One battery has more than enough charge for this 22' Pathfinder. I haven't come close to needing a recharge during the job.

Hope this helps someone like y'all have helped me!





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Default Re: Cordless orbital buffer for polishing/waxing when boat is in lift

Thanks for sharing...

I hear you on the scared part when using any electrical tool around water.

Made by boat people for boat people...
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