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Default Captains boat coating question

coming from using poly glo and having to strip all that off due to the sun seeming like it loosened it up then would trap the dirt, is this coating like that, right now im using the carnauba wax plus sealant, but there are areas of the boat that tend to get more spider poop than others which im using the detail spray on,

basically when someone says coating (cause im challenged when it comes to wax and coatings) i tend to get scared do to using poly glo, might work for some but not me.

how long does the carnuba wax plus sealant last vs the coating
during the summer i have to wash the boat every week due to dust and spiders which is a 4 hour job in its self

just dont wanna have to wax a 50ft boat once a month, 2 to 3 times a year wouldnt be to bad

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