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Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating
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Default Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating

Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating

The other day we had the pleasure of testing out Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating.

First we need to restore the surface so we went with a single step of sanding and followed it up with three steps of polishing. Our grit of choice was 1500 by had with 6 inch discs, foam interface and a hand strap applicator.

We then moved onto polishing with a Makita 9227c, 8 inch wool pad and a heavy cutting compound.

Next up was the Flex 3401 with a light cutting wool pad and a medium grade compound.

For our final finish we used a Porter Cable XP to remove any final hazing with a finish polish and soft foam pad.

Now onto the meat of the story Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating. Saying this coating was a pleasure to work with is an understatement. Being in this industry for nearly 12 years now and using almost every coating since the inception of coatings, I can say this was one of the most user friendly ones out there!

Living here in Florida no matter if your a Pro Detailer or a DIY guy, having products that perform well in high humidity and high heat is imperative. This especially applies to coatings where there is a much smaller margin for error.

No matter the situation one person needs to be able to apply and remove a product with ease, without the risk of uncontrollable flashing and high spotting. This product has done just that.

Not only can you apply with ease but you can also do pretty large sections we ended up with around a 4x4. We also found that a little really does go a long way.

In my experience what you wipe off is waste! Being able you spread you product thin is key. Which there again this product shined. Pun intended.

So to sum it up this product is a must have for anyone looking to keep their boat nice, the price point is great where in any situation pro or novice you can afford to put this product to work for you. It takes only about as much time as wax but will out perform wax by a mile, and you can layer it for even more durability.

Why would you you choice any other method of protection? Below are a few pictures of our work.

Thanks hope you guys enjoyed!

This review is about Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating with UV50

Some sanding


Hanging overboard

50/50 shots after sanding compounding and polishing.



Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating with UV50
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Mike Phillips
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Default Re: Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating

Beautiful work and great pictures and descriptions.

Made by boat people for boat people...
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