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How to use a Foam Gun to wash your boat!
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Mike Phillips
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Default How to use a Foam Gun to wash your boat!

How to use a Foam Gun to wash your boat!

Foam Guns are cool tools to help you get your boat cleaner safer. The Marine 31 Foam Gun together with the Marine 31 Gel Coat Wash & Wax with Carnauba create tons of foamy suds that cling to the side of your hull give the cleaning agents time to dissolve, loosen and emulsify dirt, grime and scum off your boat's hull.

The luxurious suds also hyper-lubricate the surface to help make washing new boats and painted boats safer by helping to reduce wash-induced scratches.

Lets take a look as Nick shows us how to use the Marine 31 Foam Gun with Marine 31 Gel Coat Wash & Wax with Carnauba.

Step 1
First fill the container with water to just a few inches below the top...

Tip: Fill container with water first and then add your soap. If you add your soap first you'll create so many suds you'll end up with a container of suds instead of soap solution.

Step 2
Next add 3-4 ounces of Marine 31 Gel Coat Wash & Wax with Carnauba.

Step 3
Secure the lid to the soap solution container.

Your Maine 31 Foam Gun should look like this when filled and assembled.

Step 4 - Choose how much suds you want

How to adjust the metering slide bar
Your Marine 31 Foam Gun comes with a metering slide bar that allows you to adjust the concentration of soap solution to water.

6 hole stops on the top of the metering bar
Looking at the metering bar from the top you'll see 6 equal sized holes. These are "stops" that lock the metering bar into position with the use of a spring loaded check ball inside the mixing chamber.

You can twist the metering bar sideways to push it in or out of the mixing chamber when choosing a solution level and then twist it back to the upright position to lock it into place.

5 graduated holes on the bottom of the metering bar
The smaller the hole the less soap solution that can be drawn into the mixing chamber and thus the less foamy suds. Just behind Nick's finger, opposite of the hole stops on the other side there is no graduate hole, this is last section is solid to enable you to switch to just water for rinsing.

The larger the holes the more soap solution that can be drawn into the mixing chamber and thus more suds will be created.

Step 5
Rinse any loose dirt off side of hull with a strong blast of water.

Step 6
Attach your foam gun to the included spray nozzle specially fitted for the foam gun.

Using two fingers, grasp the slide lock and pull it back while at the same time sliding the nozzle over the water inlet fitting of your foam gun.

After pushing the nozzle all the way onto the fitting, next use your same to fingers to lock the slide lock onto the fitting by pushing it forward till it locks. If you don't ensure the slide lock is secure, the first time you pull the trigger on your water nozzle the pressure from the water will eject the foam gun off the nozzle and onto the ground.

Step 7
Foam your boat!

Step 8
After one side or one section of the hull is slathered with foam, wash this area using a mitt, sponge or something like the Boar's Hair Brush on an extendable handle.

Step 9
Rinse. To rinse your boat, remove the slide lock on your water nozzle by using your fingers to pull the slide lock back and thus releasing it's grip to the water inlet on the foam gun.

Rinse the suds off this section and then continue working around your boat. Always rinse suds off the section you've washed before they can dry.


Marine 31 Foam Gun

Marine 31 Gel Coat Wash & Wax with Carnauba

Made by boat people for boat people...

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Default Re: How to use a Foam Gun to wash your boat!

whenever i use my foam gun, passerbys always stop and ask what i'm doing. they are always impressed with that extra cleaning step with a blanket of foam.
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